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The latest from Susie's studio

September 12, 2002 news, Uncategorized

labor day

the website is pretty much finished! not a lot is new though, i guess
because a lot of the art is a little outdated. there are a couple exciting
music things though..

i recorded a new solo song about a week ago, it’s called ‘labor day’
and can be found here.
snuggletooth 7″s will be out soon, and you can preorder
a copy
if you’d like, and listen
to it and stuff. it’s been a good summer for music.

well if you’re having any problems with the site or have any comments
or questions, sign the
.. thanks for visiting!

August 28, 2002 news, Uncategorized

the missing archives was created in the year 2000.
prior to that, it existed on tripod dated from 1998.

i have lost my news updates from any date prior to this! yo. susie was here, 5/28/2006