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The latest from Susie's studio

September 28, 2003 news, Uncategorized

music updates + misc

lots of updates today! go visit:

1. the new snoozer/music website (formerly the ‘music’ link, now has lots of snoozer/snuggletooth stuff including mp3 page, music bio, shows list, etc!)
2. the new illustration
(updated today!)
3. the new + interactive about
page (for everything you ever wanted to know about me and were afraid
to ask)
4. updated web design page, it’s like a living resume, hooray!
5. the new boygirlparty shoppe (with new sticker designs for the audio-conscious)
6. updated links, contact, and other squeaky wheels freshly oiled.

i feel much better now. don’t you?

September 10, 2003 news, Uncategorized

the store opens!

hot damn! i have opened a paypal BOYGIRLPARTY ONLINE STORE! to pick up t-shirts,
stickers, zines + comics, cds and 7″s and much more to come, please visit!
if you don’t have paypal, that’s okay! you can contact me for payment info
or sign up for paypal for free!

also, the WINTER STOPS ALL SOUND EP (my new solo record!) comes out october
25th! it looks like this:

stay tuned for tour information, and please join the boygirlparty yahoogroups
for the updates!