A necessary update!

It’s Small Business Saturday! While I’ve been busy working on my next books and haven’t kept the blog as current as I ought to, I’d be remiss not to mention how much direct support helps me as an artist. It enables me to keep investing in my own artwork and product ideas, to keep trying out new ideas, and to afford important things in my life like health insurance!

So, this post is all about ways you can support this particular artist. Without further ado:

Balance the Birds is out — and signed copies are available in the shop

Signed copies of Balance the Birds by susie ghahremani

01 balance the birds BTB 1

Other ways you can support an author? Please consider writing a positive review on Goodreads or Amazon, request it from your library, share it with others, post about it on social media… lots of ways to support authors and artists!

But if cats were more your thing, check out this mug I made in collaboration with my friends at BuyOlympia:

Home is where the cats are mug by boygirlparty / Susie Ghahremani made in collaboration with BuyOlympia

and this Cat Bee keychain!

Cat bee keychain by boygirlparty

and the new clothing collection made in collaboration with Artisans Inc!

FYA onesie aqua 2

Boygirlparty artisans kids 2up

And, tons of baby clothing has been restocked — including Little Nature Lover snap suits, BuyOlympia glow in the dark Owl baby outfits, Bookworm in Training baby outfits, Snack Time Squirrel, the Otter family, and more!

And, of course, PINS! The perfect stocking stuffer.

Boygirlparty toucan enamel pin

And speaking of pins — I’m also running a fundraiser for Yosemite Conservancy — for which we’ve already raised over $500

So, the moral of the story is:

Think of artists and small businesses for holiday gifts this year! Or, if you’re aiming for zero waste this holiday, consider supporting artists like me through Patreon in exchange for glimpses into creative process! Or come support me in person at one of my local events coming here in San Diego or LA! (pop up shops, book signings, and art shows all on the calendar!)

Boygirlparty makersarcadebooth

Susie readaloud

Thank you for reading — that in itself is a valuable form of your support and one I am grateful for.

Coffee, the Sea & Me t-shirt by boygirlparty