New pins and an art show!

Swan Pin Set at the boygirlparty shop

There are new pins! The new Swan Pin Set were designed for Valentine’s Day, since swans bond for life. Give one and keep one, or just keep both, because swans are cool.

Lots of other pin options are here, too: black cats and dachshunds, teacup pigs and flying squirrels. For the full selection, visit

New Pins at the Boygirlparty Shop

If you’re in NYC, I’ll have hand painted lucky envelopes in the Red Envelope Show at Grumpy Bert on Bond St. opening on February 6th. And, inside each envelope is a mystery surprise for the person who buys it.

Susie Ghahremani painting for the Red Envelope Show at Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn, NY

And, if you’re in my hometown of San Diego, I’ll be live-drawing at Links of London in Mission Valley on February 6th, creating one-of-a-kind custom jewelry and gift boxes. Very unusual, and should be fun!