December 8, 2013 shop, Uncategorized

Santa’s Workshop

Lately I’ve been telling…well, anyone who will listen…that I feel like a one-person Santa’s workshop over here! Obviously, I single-handedly design and illustrate all the products in my shop, but did you know I also hand package each order myself?

Much like how Santa’s gig is holiday-specific, December is single-handedly the reason I’m able to be a full-time artist — because of people who financially support my work by giving it as a gift to their loved ones. Holiday orders literally fund my artwork and the future of it…so again, thank you for ordering from me in The Boygirlparty shop!

Speaking of which – here are some new additions as of this morning!

I’m super excited about these Weekly Planner Notepads – based off my popular but out of print Clockwork Agenda, these notepads allow you to plan your week ahead on a flat surface, large enough to double as a mousepad but small enough to fit in a purse! Choose between green, blue, or a medley of both (available only in limited edition!)

Clockwork Agenda Notepad Susie Ghahremani

And stocking stuffers galore! Introducing over 20 new styles of illustrated glass necklaces available exclusively in The Boygirlparty shop! Try not to get too overwhelmed by the options! My personal favorites are the arctic wolf, doxie, and pink finch — but peruse them all for yourself over in the jewelry section where tons of new designs have recently debuted– including rings, necklaces and earrings!

illustrated glass necklaces by susie ghahremani / boygirlparty.comglass art drop necklaces by boygirlparty susie ghahremani

I actually have more to share, but I have orders to pack! Thank you again!