What Will Hatch is here!!

What Will Hatch released this week + I’m doing a virtual booksigning! Pick up a copy in my shop (autographed/doodled, if you’d like!) or through indie or chain/internet booksellers! YAY!


Publisher’s Weekly gave it a glowing review this week which I am so excited about! They said: “Ghahremani offers almost toylike images of the parents and their offspring; the texture of the wood she paints on bleeds through to create a homey back-to-nature vibe.”

Also new in the shop! My Keeping Tabs Productivity Portfolio, based on my to-do list collection, I created and designed this pocket collection of to-do lists, page flags and sticky notes! (also available in the shop!)


Last but not least, for those who were fans of Snoozer (my band), you may be interested to know I’m playing music in a new band called Bulletins! [I play synths and sing harmonies] Our demos, recorded on the fly by my amazing brother Cyrus Ghahremani, were posted on Bandcamp‘Like’ us on Facebook, find us on Twitter, or just listen + pass it on + keep your eyes open for shows in So. Cal!!

My husband Michael’s band The Paper Thins is out and about playing shows, too – so check them out (Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp)! Or maybe check us out together sometime! [fingers crossed]