Hatching next week!

What Will Hatch?, my debut picture book (artfully written by nature expert Jennifer Ward), comes out next week!! Publisher’s Weekly just wrote this extraordinary review of it:

“An elegant interactive design and serene illustrations introduce readers to seven animals that hatch from eggs, including sea turtles, a crocodile, and a platypus. Egg-shaped die cuts peek between pages, as the collaborators give visual and textual clues that let readers guess what nestles inside each egg: ‘Warm seat. What will hatch? On Daddy’s feet—penguin.’ Ghahremani offers almost toylike images of the parents and their offspring; the texture of the wood she paints on bleeds through to create a homey back-to-nature vibe.”

Pre-order a copy at your local indie bookseller, Amazon, Powell’s, Barnes and Noble — or it should soon be available in my shop!

And check out this limited edition poster I designed for schools and libraries, available through my publisher Bloomsbury: