Boygirlparty Elsewhere.

I cross my fingers every year that people will make gifts of my artwork for the holidays from my shop, however, I thought it would also be good to share some “boygirlparty elsewhere” in case you spot these items out and about! All of the items below are things I made or contributed to available elsewhere. Info and explanations below the photo.

1. “Fox, Adrift” print, available exclusively at, limited edition of 100. $20 ea.
2. Limited edition GR t-shirts available exclusively at in women’s and men’s sizes, and a couple different colors. Only $15 ea!
3. Reading Octopus Coffee Mug available exclusively at Art Star Philadelphia, hand printed in Philadelphia, available online or at Art Star, 623 N. 2nd St, Philadelphia! $15.
4. original paintings from my art show “Work and Non-Work” on view at Giant Robot until December 5th at 2062 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, or online over here! Paintings begin at $75.
5. “Knot, Thread, Stitch” by Lisa Solomon includes a craft tutorial of embroidered shrinky dink zipper pulls using my artwork! And about a zillion other awesome projects. Lisa rules! Available at book stores, $22.99
6. “The Where, The Why and the How” by Matt Lamothe, Julia Rothman and Jenny Volvovski — I have an illustration about why chickadees chirp “chick-a-dee-dee-dee” in this fascinating collection of scientific mysteries answered and inventively illustrated! Available at book stores, $24.95

None of those goodies above are available in my shop, but the ones below are! Happy holidays! Less than 4 weeks to go..