March 3, 2010 news, shop, Uncategorized

new day, new goodies!

happy new t-shirt day! i’ve added 5 new styles of t-shirts/hoodies to the shop. See them & everything else new in the shop!

new t-shirts at the boygirlparty shop

Also, thought this would be fun to share…it’s an illustration from the vaults. I created it a few years ago for a project where different artists were asked to create a portrait of a different president! I got first dibs on Lincoln (I am, after all, originally from the land of lincoln / illinois…) There was a lot of runaround on the project and the ball was dropped by the person putting it together (hey, it happens), so my illustration never went to print, but I just found the file on my computer the other day, so here it is for you to see many years later! Enjoy!