October 25, 2007 news, Uncategorized

san diego wildfires

i’ve gotten so many emails and messages from everybody, thank you so much for thinking of me out here in san diego — i am fine as are my friends and family right now in regards to the wildfires currently raging in our city. it’s scary and it’s smoky, but we’re safe and helping out our fellow san diegans as best we can.

a lot of domestic animals and wildlife have been displaced and injured during the fires, so if you’d like to help out, there are a few different places that could really use the funds:

please consider donating to the san diego humane society
or project wildlife
(both have buttons online to click to donate)

the red cross has been organizing a lot of excellent relief efforts in the area for families.

if you can’t make a monetary donation, consider using the search engine goodsearch to search the internet — a penny goes to the non-profit of your choice everytime you search (and there is no limit to how many searches you can do a day) and if we all do it, it can really add up. (don’t forget to select your default non-profit before searching — project wildlife is who i goodsearch for)

thanks everyone and be safe.
susie / boygirlparty.com