November 16, 2006 news, Uncategorized


wow, the turnout and enthusiasm about “bird call”, my solo show that this weekend in l.a., was just amazing. thank you so much to everyone who attended! gr2 has begun selling work online, and that can be found at, but last i checked, not all 180 paintings were up (yes, 180 was the final count!) the show (and the mural i painted on the wall) comes down on dec. 6th. we might have a closing reception at which i play some songs, so stay tuned.


i’m finally catching up with some of the work i left behind, including a much needed shop update! a bunch of new t-shirts have been added, as well as restocked owl hoodies (in two sizes), raglan shirts, boatnecks and more and hopefully i’ll have some new pouches sewn to add to the ranks by next week.

actually, i’m in another show this weekend, a show of handmade toys titled “dinosaur party” opening at GR-SF on saturday, nov 18th. i made a mobile, here’s a detail:

other things coming up: group shows in portland, san diego, and houston. i’ll be a vendor at both felt club, dec 9 and bazaar bizarre, dec 16, both in l.a. and am looking forward to sleeping in february.